Connecting to Prayer


Lord,  may you convert the discomfort of sneezing as my prayer offering to liberate souls in purgatory, the pain in my tummy as prayer offering for those who suffer hunger, the difficulty in breathing due to stuffy nose as prayer for those who are connected to respirators and this feverish feeling as prayer offering to those who are victims of violence.   Thou Oh Almighty Father can create from nothing into something more so can you draw out goodness from all these pains.  For you The only begotten Son  went through the most painful death on the cross so that by Thy Resurrection you won salvation for us.  May these offering be united to Yours that it maybe pleasing to God the Almighty Father.  And may the Holy Spirit  seal this offerings with Thy Divine Love.  These I ask in the name of the Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Amen

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